Monday, September 28, 2009

Word Nerd Award: and now I pass along the crown

Monday, the amazing TereLiz awarded me the Word Nerd Blog Badge. Thank you, Tere, for making me smile and for brightening my day. :)

I've spent the week basking in my glory, but now it's time to pass along the love. It was a tough decision, but the bloggers I've chosen as the next Word Nerds are two girls that always make me laugh or smile. Not only are they funny, they're also candid, both about others and themselves. Almost every day, they spill their hearts onto a platter and serve it up to the world.

Have I dragged out the suspense long enough? For everything that you do (for me and for anyone else lucky enough to stumble upon your blog, with whatever crazy Google search of the week), I award the Word Nerd Blog Badge to ...

Lisa and Laura (a.k.a. LiLa) at Lisa and Laura Write!

Thank you for your celebrity poems, your teasers and WIPpets, your truthful Tuesdays, your industry insights, and, of course, your D-Bag-O-Meter. On the days when I'm too swamped to read everyone's blog posts like I want, I always take 5 minutes to see what's going on in your corner of the world. And, if ever I start to forget, you remind me why I read YA, why I write it, and why I love others who do the same.

Keep rocking on, LiLa, and we'll all keep buying front row tickets. I'd tell you not to forget the little people when you hit it big, but I already know you won't. That's just the kind of girls you are. :)


TereLiz said...

Excellent choice. Those gals are word nerds of the highest caliber!

Lisa and Laura said...

Jess, you just totally made our day. And by that I mean I cried a little when I read your post. Thank you so much. It's just amazing that we've met people who actually care about our randomness and (BIG shocker!) want to read about our lives on a day-to-day basis.


Abby said...

Congrats on the award! And congrats to Lisa and Laura! Good choice!! I love their blog. :)

jessjordan said...

Tere: They so are, aren't they??

Abby: Thanks! As you can see, I adore their blog as well.

LiLa: We love your randomness, so keep it coming. And you are quite welcome :)

Katie said...

Oh Dude! I so agree.

I feel honored to know all these" word nerds."

You guys rock!

Corey Schwartz said...

I agree. They are AWESOME!

Sarah said...

That was perfect! Love Lila. Love this post.

Little Ms J said...

Congrats Jess and LiLa.

I like your words.


Shelli said...

excellent choice!