Thursday, April 23, 2009

Little Rascals, here I come.

Well ... after a million trillion gazillion forevers (i.e., about 100 days) of short sale hell, the hubby and I finally--subject to inspections and all of that tra la la--have a house! A real, live, embodied in cement house!

After eons of dangling from ropes and calling for help, we jumped from the "short" sale and grabbed hold of the mast of this one (a.k.a. the bomb house), and, two days later, we're all signed and inked and already much poorer. But it's an awesome kind of poor.

I'll worry about all of that super important stuff--like buckling wooden floors and leaky windows and oodles of wallpaper and weirdo carpet in the dining room--when I feel like stepping off my cloud. But for now, there's a distracting melody in my head that goes a little something like this:

I've got a house. I've got a house. I've got a house. Hey, hey, hey, hey!


Omi said...

Hey there! Congrats on the new house! I saw some comments you made on the Secret Agent Contest over at Miss Snark's First Victim, and they caught my attention, so I singled you out for some reason in order to check out your blog, and discovered you'd started following me. x3 So I will return the favour, and congratulations again on the house! I don't even need to know you to be happy for you.

jessjordan said...

Thanks, Omi! As you can see, I'm new to the blogosphere. Right now, I'm more of a blog stalker than a blog writer, but I'm trying to change that. It's still a little weird for me, because I haven't had a diary since sixth grade.
In any other situation, the sentence "I singled you out for some reason ... and discovered you'd started following me" would probably result in me being strapped with a restraining order saying something along the lines of "hey, creep! stay away from that omi girl!" But here, it's not only acceptable, it's encouraged.

Good luck with everything, and I'm sure I will continue to stalk you and to be entertained by your blog entries.

(fyi: If it takes me ages to respond to you or reply back, it's probably because I still don't know how to work this thing. I randomly opened my blog today and thought, "What? I have a comment?" So I haven't figured out the nooks and crannies yet. I'm like a grandmother playing on the internet for the first time ... sheesh!)