Sunday, May 17, 2009

It's a Blog World, After All ...

Okay, so I'll admit it. I'm always a few steps, or in this case, a few years. behind the latest online networking tool.
Myspace? I balked. My sister signed me up. I went on a year or two bender before going cold turkey (myspace myspace I must check my myspace!). Now I check it once a day, tops. Normally less than that.
Facebook? Puhleaze ... The layout doesn't make any sense, and why does it keep asking what the heck is a new application and why would I download something just to add it, and oooh that one's kind of cool, and look ... I have twenty apps on my profile! I'm still mildly addicted to Facebook, minus about 15+ apps.
Twitter? What the eff? Is that some gross new sexually inappropriate activity or misdemeanonr that I'm unaware of? Or no ... isn't that the std-ridden guys name from Varsity Blues? I'm still of the belief that my day is just not that interesting. In the slightest. And making the unexciting 20+ hours of my day sound exciting for everyone else? Not that easy when it's my own life. As of now, I haven't joined the Twitter camp. But you never know ...
LiveJournal: found a YA author on Publisher's Weekly, thought the book sounded cool and did an email search. (Wow! People blog? Since when?) Made an account, almost solely so I could leave comments without having to be "Anonymous." Typed up a blog or two of my own--I was really proud of myself, darn it--before: Wait ... all of the people following this writer's blog don't have Livejournal? Wait ... there's ANOTHER blog?
Blogger/Blogspot: I don't want it--as if the one I already have (that my hubby says is "so 5 years ago") and my three emails and blinking-blinking-blinking work phone aren't enough to check daily, now there's this ... Okay I'll look ... Ooh, I can see what other people are following? Hmm ... I'ts kind of fun being a sheep. Well, it's free so I might as well get it ... Look, I'm following a blog! And now: I don't just follow. I stalk. So long as the blog has a writing element and an intriguing owner, I'm there.

I had a point to all of this, but for once, sleep is winning against my active brain. I blame it on the wallpaper. Maybe the dry wall and the hubby's vinegar+water home-remedy is screwing with my brain ...

Next time, my blog will have a purpose. Maybe one of those "here I am in 100 bullet point letters." Or maybe something writing related. If I don't close it now, I'll end up tying fifteen lines of the letter "B." Not pretty.

G'night, my sole blog follower. G'night, anyone else who stumbles upon .

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Omi said...

I'm extraordinarily flattered now, that you think I'm intriguing. The writing bit of my blog is a given, I suppose, as I made it in order to talk about Eversong, and then ended up writing down whatever happened to pass through my head at any given moment. Which, given how my thoughts wander, tends to be quite a lot (as I'm sure you've noticed. XD)

I don't know if I ever sent/finished the comment I was intending to make on your other post, but it had a great deal to do with your reply comment to my reply to your original comment (convoluted much?) which I absolutely love talking to you about. You're the first person that I don't know/didn't know previously who's found out about Eversong and LIKES it, or at least, likes what you've seen, and that sets my heart to singing showtunes about how happy I am and that I may not actually fail utterly as a writer. As for the purpose of the blog - well, it doesn't need one, in my opinion.

Talk about whatever passes through your brain. Look around you, talk about your life. I could say dozens of things right off the top of my head, just looking at my desk. I've got a little Awa Odori doll from Japan, dressed in the costumes from the actual Awa Odori, a festival on the island of Shikoku, specifically, in the city of Tokushima, where the festival is held annually. My friend who's going to college over there sent it to me, as well as an eraser shaped like a juice carton, and some kids books for learning the characters.

There's blogging material all around you, if you think about it. And maybe it's just my intrinsic nosiness that prompts me to want to know everything about my friend's lives, especially internet friends, because I'm generally not able to just pop over to their house and ask them about the strange things they've got laying around.