Monday, October 19, 2009

5 things I learned (or had reinforced) this weekend.

1. I have little shopping self control. Sunday afternoon, I went into Dillards to get a lip gloss from MAC. That's it. Just an overpriced, creamy, shiny, non-sticky gloss. Problem is, I had to walk past the shoes to get to the MAC counter. And of course, I had to look at the shoes. And then I found a pair that I loved, which I just had to try on. Even though they were wayyyy too much money. After all, what were the odds I'd actually like them once they were on my feet? Well ... Odds in my favor or not, I loved them. And I had to have them. Or, as Little Ms J would say, I had to rescue them. Because, ya know, a bunch of shoe-abusing bandits would obviously take every pair in my size before they went on sale. Then, on to the gloss.

2. The MAC people aren't nearly as intimidating as I'd thought them to be (they're just serious about color), and makeup is like a bag of Lays. I went there for gloss. I left--after a full tutorial on how to use purple glittery eyeshadow--with the lip gloss ... and with a bunch of other stuff that I wasn't aware I needed until that nice, unintimidating MAC guy put it on my face.

3. Say what you what about reality TV, but it does what it's intended to do. It hooks you to your couch for the full hour, and maybe the next, if it's a marathon. Because you just have to know which Tool gets sent home, and whether his girlfriend goes home with him, and whether Antonio picks his crazy ex-wife in the wedding dress or one of the blondes, and who goes into the Duel and loses to Wes. And, if that episode was addictive enough, next thing you know you're recording the rest of the series. Or at least Googling the show for more information. Or maybe that's just me?

4. It is very annoying when Netflix randomly skips disc 3 in a series--which was at the top of your list--and sends you disc 4. What the H??

5. Being jealous isn't fun, but I can't help it. Right now, my husband is on his way to L.A. for some work-related training, and all I can think about is all of the Lebanese food and pinkberry he's going to be eating while I'm sitting in trial after trial this week. Not. Fair. Not fair at all.

And that's about it.


storyqueen said...

See, you're allowed to shop when your husband is about to go on a trip. It's in the rule book.

Lebanese food in LA? Is he going to Raffi's? It's the best!

Kimberly Derting said...

I love the way you shop! This cracked me up!!!

Little Ms J said...

Those little MAC kids are tricky. I won't talk to them if I'm in a hurry. I lift up my fingers to show them I need two things, "Eyeshadow in Shroom and Gloss in Slut. Nope, that's it. Oh, yes those are nice colors. I wish I had more time. Give me your card and you can make me up to look like a streetwalker the next time I go out."

And then off to the shoe department to meet my future refugees...

Lisa and Laura said...

I'm adding shopping to the agenda of LiLa's Writing Conference/Slumber Party. I shudder to think of the damage we can all do in Nordstrom on a rainy day. Good. Times.

I saw something about the Duel on the Soup and all I could think was "Oh crap, how did I miss a Duel!" I need to catch up with an all day weekend marathon. I predict there will be ice cream involved. I can't wait.

Tere Kirkland said...

Sounds just like me when I went into Urban last Friday for a t-shirt, and wound up spending 85 bucks on shoes.

Well, someone else might have mistreated them, right?

Shelli said...

shopping for LA - sound sfair to me.

jessjordan said...

Shelley: No Raffi's for the hubby--It's about an hour or two away from where he's staying. But maybe next writer's conference :)

Kimberly: Wait ... Is there *another* way to shop??

LMJ: Now now that you mention it, I totally looked like a streetwalker. And, because I'm just to lazy to look myself ... are there really colors called Shroom and Slut? Because if not, you should totally create them. (p.s. you are such a humanitarian for taking in all of those refugees; they should've given the peace prize award to you instead!)

LiLa: I do pretty serious shopping damage on my own, but all of us together ... sounds like a category 5 storm to me! And you must watch The Duel!!! No, really, you MUST. There's all this awesome ex-fiance, new girlfriend, throwing-challenges, pitting-best-friends-against-each-other drama going on. Seriously. Awesome.

Tere: EXACTLY! It's really unselfish on our parts, when you think about it.

Shelli: I'm glad someone agrees with me. I knew I could could on all of you!