Thursday, August 20, 2009

Oooh, that award goes great with your eyes!

I'd like to start today's post with a little woot! woot! You ready for it?

Woot! Woot!

Why in tarnations am I shouting, you ask? (If you didn't, I'm telling you anyway.) Because the lovely TereLiz awarded me a Kreativ Blogger award! I love awards ... they're so shiny and sparkly and pretty and sparkly and ... shiny. :) If you haven't checked out Tere's blog, you should. She writes fantasy/paranormal YA, and she's great.

So the thing is, I'm not great with rules. The other thing is, a lot of the bloggie friends I would've sent this award to have already received it at least once, if not multiple, times. So I'm going to do something bad (gasp!) and break the rules. Yep, you heard me. Real bad ass here.

I will, however, tell you 7 things about me, in case you're curious. But don't anticipate witty. My evening work-brain isn't good at witty.

1) I am terrified of bugs. Terrified of them. I have to refresh my computer screen when an advertisement with something creepy/crawly pops up. I have to look away when really nasty ones are on t.v. And I scream bloddy murder when my least favorite of the bugdom gets anywhere near me. (I'll give you a hint: if the world were to self-destruct tomorrow, these grossies would toast human flesh by bonfires and laugh about it for centuries to come.)

2) I used to think I had OCD, but my psych-school little sis advised me that I have obsessive compulsive personality traits (or something like that). I have to have everything in a certain order, whether it's my shampoo and conditioner in the shower, or my olive oils and vinegars in the kitchen drawers, or my files and papers at work. If something is moved, I get really disoriented. I also tend to count my steps. In groups of 8. (I do this when chewing as well.) I try to keep my crazy quiet, so if you see me walking down the street talking to myself, let me know.

3) I'm addicted to chocolate. And sweets in general. Salty things rock my boat as well.

4) I'm shyer than I'd like to be, and it frustrates the hell out of me. I always thought, "I'll go to college, and things will be different," or "I'll reinvent myself in law school around all of these new people," but nope. Still the same ol' introverted, self-conscience me that I was in high school.

5) My sister is my best friend. If anything bad ever happens to her, I'll burrow in a hole somewhere and rot away.

6) The first YA book I remember reading in my adult life was Ellen Hopkins' Crank. It made me fall back in love with YA, and it was a huge contributing factor to my decision to write YA. Of course, when I tried to say those very simple words to Ellen in LA, I came off as a gushy-crazy-stalker fangirl. I anticipate a restraining order to follow.

7) My ideal 9-to-5'er type job would be that person who picks out music for television shows and/or movies. Listening to demos all day, connecting with the emotion in a song, and making an already good scene that much more powerful = big sigh levels of greatness.

Thanks again, TereLiz, for the award. I'll post fantasy notes (tonight or tomorrow) from the conference, just for you. :)


Lisa and Laura said...

Congratulations! Umm...and you're shy? Seriously? It's so funny when I hear that one of our bloggie friends is shy. It just doesn't seem possible! You guys are so outgoing via interwebs.

Abby said...

Congrats on the award!! If you have a problem with bugs, don't read #3 on my list. ;) Like Lisa and Laura, I'm a little surprised to hear you're shy. You seem so bubbly and outgoing on your blog. Fun to know more about you. :D

Little Ms J said...

Too shy to take up a dare? What about a double dog dare?

It's nice to get to know you better!

jessjordan said...

Lila and Abby: I know, it's crazy, right? Once I get to know you, I'll talk your ear (maybe even both your ears and your nose) off. But that girl who walks up to people and says, "Hi!! I'm so-and-so and I'm not shy at all!" Yeah. Not me. And public speaking? Really not my thang.

jessjordan said...

LMJ: So long as alcohol is involved, I should be good. But bring it on, sister, because I owe you one.

Eric said...

Congrats. I completely understand and feel the same way about picking 7 others to share the award with. For me, it's almost impossible because there are so many others who are worthy. Thanks for sharing a part of you with us though.

TereLiz said...

Hey, it's your award, you can make up whatever rules you want!
And you totally deserve it!
Thanks so much for your fantasy post, too, it rocked!!

jessjordan said...

Eric: Thank you! I'm addicted to all of the blogs I follow, so it's always hard to pick just a few. Hopefully my readers won't take off running now that they know (a few of) my quirks :)

Tere: You are quite welcome. I'm glad I could be of help--the conference was so amazing, I couldn't wait to share the info with others!