Sunday, August 2, 2009

You learn something new every day...

Things added to my brain this week:

1) Writing a query is HARD! Okay, okay, so I already knew that. What I didn’t realize was how awesome the feedback would be when I swallowed the tarantula (eww-bugs!) of fear in my throat and posted the darn thing. You are all flippin’ awesome. (A special shout out to Lila and Weronika, b/c your comments were spot on.)

2) I take pride in my stalking. Apparently, you can choose whether you want to show the blogs you follow to the rest of the world, or hide them as a dirty little secret. I say screw privately obsessing; I’m all about sharing the objects of my infatuation to the world.

3) There’s no “c” in infatuation. I learn this almost every time I type it. *buries head under covers in shame.

4) The SCBWI is less than a freakin’ week away, and I haven’t packed or thought about where I’m going to eat/play during my (admittedly limited) free time. I’m stoked and freaked (but mostly stoked). Where the heck did July go??

5) I'm going to miss Boston Legal so very much when it ends. Yeah, yeah, so it's already been off the air for awhile now, but I'm just finishing up the final season. (Yay for Netflix!) With all the dumbed down stuff I watch (love it all as I may), it's nice to let my brain work a little. It's rare that you find a show with a perfect mix of humor, friendship, love, drama, sarcasm, and melancholy, not to mention one that constantly pokes fun at itself and the network. I have one disc left, and after that, I'm going to have a hole in my heart the size of Texas. (I think I just wrote a country song.) Suggestions to fill that hole, anyone?


Little Ms J said...

Oh, sister, I think I gained three LB's in the process of working on my query. I left it alone because it is making me fat. I figure I'll finish a couple of edits, visit it for a second or two, run around the block... Ugh. I dread that damn thing.

Have fun at the SCBWI. You guys are going to have so much fun. Pour one out for me. I'm serious. I want you to meet all our bloggy friends and then pour a sip on the ground. Dare you.

jessjordan said...

LMJ: The real question is: Did those 3 extra lbs give you the stripper booty you've always wanted?

You want me to go all Flava Flav (or maybe it was Bret Michaels?) and pour one out for you? Hmmm ... I pick truth. Nah, j/k, dares are way funner. But seriously ... do you realize what you're asking? That's alcohol abuse!

Rebecca said...

You're funny!

*smirk* so you're a lawyer that blogs fiction and I'm fiction that blogs law... OK, that doesn't make any sense, but I'm pretending to be a lawyer and blogging about it.

I NEED HUMOR. Thank you for contributing.

Karen Amanda Hooper said...

love the sense of humor. Where in Fl are you?

jessjordan said...

Rebecca: no need to make sense. Being funny is much better. (And you're welcome, btw.) :)

Karen: Thanks! I'm in Panama City. I lived about an hour east of Orlando (Melbourne) for 4 1/2 years before moving back here last year.

Little Ms J said...

I think this is the new hazing - a dare at the conference. Did you ever read the blog I wrote about Anita Laydon Miller asking me to get a pic with Alex Glass who now thinks I'm a nut case? LiLa suggested that every time one of us is at a conference we ask him for something new - a lock of hair, vial of blood, something small. I already told Katie that was her job, so I expect some spilt something! You have to say something hood too.

I would expect nothing less.


Lisa and Laura said...

Oh my gosh, how did I miss this post and the hilarious comments. We need a picture of Jess pouring one out for LMJ. I think I might seriously pee my pants if that actually happens.

LMJ - I can't wait until Alex takes out a restraining order against you. That is going to be an awesome blog post.

Katie said...


You MUST come find me and introduce yourself at the conference! I would say that I will find you, but since I can only see your eyes peeking out from behind that counter, I doubt I'll know who you are. And don't worry, I'm really nice - I'm southern after all :-)

I agree- queries SUCK the big one. But it never gets easier - I just sent out 8 fulls Monday and not only has it caused me to lose my appetite and feel sick 24/7, but it's 2:42 a.m.and I can't sleep either. Nice.

Well, I can see that I am in good company with your commenters although I'm starting to get seriously pissed that I can't keep up with Lila or Ms. J's hilarity!!! And now, YOU too!

Damn you funny people!!!!

jessjordan said...

LMJ: One of the first blogs I saw of yours was when you put a picture of yourself up with Alex Glass. He did look a little concerned for his life, but it was pretty hilarious. :) (p.s. Don't you know hazing is illegal? I guess it's okay, though, so long as you don't make me stand in the middle of a circle and mark my chub up with permanent marker. It happens, by the by. I saw it in a Lifetime movie.)

LMJ/Lila: So I just looked up Alex Glass's profile. Seems he's looking for YA as well, so if he's there, it is on! Maybe I can invite him to the pour-one-out ceremony?

Katie: I shall find you! (and those are my eyes peeking out from behind something in the mcdonalds playground). If you see someone holding a sign with your name, do not run away. Unless the person is really funny looking. On another note, I bow down to the funniness that is LMJ and Lila. As for me? I'm setting up tent on another island, stalking them with binoculars and sobbing into a 3-day old tissue, only wishing I was that hilarious. They = rock. Me = pebble. Look forward to seeing you and all your southernness at the conference! :)