Wednesday, June 24, 2009

A crowded little picnic.

I'll preface this post by saying it is ENTIRELY (eek! adverb alert! and exclamation overload!) random and nonsensical.

Now on with the craziness.

I didn't do anything at work today. Well, I did go to court for about 30 minutes for one hearing, but other than that ... nothing. I'm not lazy. Okay, so maybe I am. But today it wasn't my fault. You see, we're moving offices. This morning, when I got in to work, the phones and the internet were already down.

Gasp!! No Internet/phone---back in the Stone Age!

I had all my boxes packed, and the movers weren't coming until Thursday (tomorrow). No internet + no computer + no files (all stored away somewhere) + no phone to return client calls = bored out of my flipping mind.

So I sat in my chair with my feet propped up on my desk, and my coworker sprawled out on the floor with her head in the paper confetti (from where we shredded a bunch of documents the day before and created a tiny little mess), and we played stupid games that involved zero movement.

Game 1: I spy with my little eye something ....... brown. In my office, everything is brown. Walls, ceiling, carpet, furniture, boxes, chairs--all brown, or at least some putrid shade of beige. We laughed like we were high on helium.

Game 2: Guess what number I'm thinking? It's somewhere between 1 and 1 million. I'll tell you if you're high or low. -- That lasted 2 rounds.

Game 3: the picnic game. If you've never played it, it's where you say, "I'm going on a picnic, and I'm taking __________ (something that starts with the letter A)." Person 2 repeats what you said, and then adds something starting with the letter B. And so on and so on, until you either reach Z, or someone screws up and can't remember one of the letters.

I lost. Twice. But we kept playing until we hit the ending. And just for fun, here's what Coworker and I took on our little picnic (I was first; she was second):

An apple. (because i'm boring)
A bear. (to eat us or the apple, i'm not sure ...)
A crayon.
A dolphin.
An elephant.
A fig. (yep, just one)
A gorilla.
Some hair. (because, ya know, everyone needs hair at their picnic)
An igloo.
A jumper. (the clothing, not a suicidal kid)
A kissing booth.
Some lima beans.
Some moonshine.
Nudists. (it seemed natural, after the moonshine)
An octopus.
Paneling. (inspired by my lovely office walls)
A radio.
A self-adhesive envelope (I refrained from bringing an SASE, but just barely)
A tricycle.
A unicorn.
A whistle.
Xanax. (you'd need some on this picnic, too)
A yuletide fairy (nope, no idea what this is, but i'm bringing it)
And, of course, a zebra.

Game 4: Some other take on the alphabet and animals, but our brains were shot.

If you live in Florida, then this is what your hard-earned (or your parents hard-earned) tax money got spent on today: for the state to pay me to create a picnic list whilst staring at my creepy beige ceiling.


Abby said...

Dude, if I lived in Florida I'd be furious :) but since I don't, yea for a day doing nothing! Sounds like it was very exciting. ;)

Jamie D. said...

Thanks for the giggle! I work in government too. ;-)I'm a webmistress - no web, no work. You can't exactly be expected to do anything if there are no tools available to work with (phone, computer, etc)! I hope you enjoyed the day...and that the moving isn't too much work...