Saturday, June 13, 2009

Singing in the rain ...

I don't know what it is about rain, but I find it fascinating. I've always wanted to dash out in the middle of a storm (sans lightning) just, ya know, to do it. But there's always something else I just oh-my-god-have-to-do at that moment. Or I don't feel like getting my hair wet I just spent an hour drying it. Or, well, my new neighbors would have me committed.

This weekend, I finally made it happen. Okay, I didn't do anything, except go to a concert at an outdoor, uncovered amphitheatre on a day with a high forecast of rain, without an umbrella or a poncho, with the hubby, the lil' sis, and a couple of friends. And here's what I learned:

The Fray + nighttime illuminated by stage lights + 2 hours of nonstop rain + not giving a what about weather forecasts + a couple of overpriced cocktails = Sheer. Freakin'. Awesomeness.

There's something about tossing your head up at the sky and shouting "here comes the downpour" along with Isaac Slade and thousands of others (the half of us that didn't make the dumbest decision ever and bail out) that just screams, "This is life."

Far and away one of the greatest moments of my life. I'd live it over and over and over again if I could.


Shelton Wilkes said...

It is so strange to have someone critique your writing on Miss Snark's First Victim site, and during the critique say, "I live in Panama City Beach." I wonder how many of us on that site are from PCB?

Buddy Wilkes
Geeral Manager
Shipwreck Island Waterpark

Kori said...

The other night we had a massive thunderstorm roll through, and it was beautiful.

I've always felt like a little bit of a maniac, wanting to be outside in the rain, and it was almost comforting to see you say you feel the same way. My problem is I don't like getting wet. XD I hate stepping into the shower, or climbing into the pool or whatever, but once I'm in, I'm perfectly content to stay there forever.

I've been falling behind on the internet thing lately, because I spent most of the last several weeks doing nothing but writing. True, I now have a full first draft at 75k words to show for it, and the not-writing has been killing me since I stopped a week ago, but I'm having trouble getting the next one started. I've even resorted to writing down my life's story (I wanted something dark and twisted, and my life is about as dark and twisted as they come without being chock full of drugs and/or murder) in the form of fiction to get the writing started again.

I read over some of your other blog entries, and since I'm on my way out the door, I don't have time to comment on all of them, so I'll just leave you a note here about your WIP with the male MC, and say, that looks fantastic. You seem to have nailed the voice perfectly, and in the little taste you left us, I want more.

jessjordan said...

A beautiful thunderstorm?? I'm jealous. :) I don't know what it is about the rain, but I've always wanted to run out it in, throw my hands in the air, and my face to the sky ... and I finally got that chance. The beginning--the slow, first drops--were freezing. I hated that part (so I get what you mean about hating the "getting wet" part). But then ... it was magic. Puny fingers, heavy jeans, and all. That's all I can say about it. :D

You HAVE been MIA online lately. I was kind of worried about you ... but then I saw your Twitter updates on the side of your blog page and thought, "Wow. Go with your bad freakin' self!" I have to say, I'm SUPER jealous about the 75k words, but I'm also really excited for you. I remember just a month or so ago, talking to you about Eversong when it was in its infancy stages, and BAM! All of the sudden I'm left wondering, "When did it go from screaming crying baby to walking talking screaming crying toddler?" :)

Wow, you're writing out your life story ... AND it's all dark and twisty minus drugs and murder? I think we need snippets! :)

About my new WIP: THANK YOU! You brought a big smile to my face. It's always good to hear that my voice rings true to a reader, but I love constructive criticism as well, so feel free to tear it up when you have more time. :D

Kori said...

Your new WIP: You're so very welcome! ♥ If I ever see anything that needs ripped into, I'll be sure and (semi-gently, at least) cut it into pieces for you. x3

Mm. My life's been... crazy. XD Around me. Like... I didn't really put much into it to get so much crazy out of it, the crazy just flings itself at me like fangirls at a Jonas Brother's concert. And it's only at the outline stage so far, but I may begin working on it after Eden's Gate (tentative title for Zander's story).

I didn't even feel the lack of not being online. Generally if I go a couple days without checking my email, I start to go a little nuts, but while I was writing, there were only two things on my mind: reading AftG, and writing enough of Eversong to get the next chapter of AftG from Mami. XD I kept track of how much I'd written on my desk calendar, and there are days when my goal was to go up by 2k, and I've got jumps from 57k on Wednesday to 75k on Friday, with a brief stop-over at 63k on Thursday. My goals for those days were 36, 38, and 4o. So it was pretty intense writing, but for the most part, I didn't notice it until I sat down and looked at the 'goal' versus 'achieved' numbers on my calendar.

I'm also going to take a page out of your book, and leave a reply/comment to your comment under my latest post. er... if any of that made any sesne. XD