Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Me's a thinking ...

... that I haven't posted much about writing lately. And that's probably because I haven't DONE much writing lately. (Work fried my brain. All that I had left was the mental capacity to fix a glass of water. And to check my email, of course.) This week, I'm kicking my butt back into gear. To start, I'm going to post the first 200'ish words from my WIP, the same 200'ish words I plan on toting around at the SCBWI as I beg for change (a.k.a. other YA writers with projects to be critiqued), until strangers feel sorry for me and toss a quarter into my cup.

Except, uh, I'm at work and my words are at home. So, alas, it will have to wait until this afternoon. Maybe I'll even include my party pitch (the 1-2 liner that sums up your story, or at least that's what it's supposed to do). My query freaks me out. Don't know if I have the [insert inappropriate man units] to add that one.


Lisa and Laura said...

Ooh post your query! Post your query! We're query whores. We want to see the other stuff too of course.

Have I mentioned that I'm eaten alive with jealousy that you're going to SCBWI? Ugh.

Jamie D. said...

As to the "I'm at work, words are at home" problem...I have two words for you: Flash Drive. :-)

JennyMac said...

insert appropriate man units here cracked me up.

Weronika said...

Definitely post some things for us! I would love to see your query and the first 200-ish words. I'll be thinking about you as the conference draws near; I hope you get the best of feedback and meet whatever goals you set out for yourself.

(Oh, and thanks for the laugh! I agree with Jenny^.)


jessjordan said...

Lila: I have query envy! It eats me alive. No, but really, queries really do freak me out. Not writing them so much as looking at them again 5 minutes later and thinking, "Eek! I'm the worst query writer ever!" But now is as good a time as any to give it a shot, I suppose ... And I STILL say you should come to the SCBWI. I'll sneak you in with my luggage!

Jamie: You are brilliant. I am not. To be honest, I've never used a flash drive. For back ups, I just email everything to myself, or send it over to my hubby's hard drive. I know. I'm lame. I should upgrade :)

JennyMac: Always happy to make someone laugh! I stopped by your blog today but didn't have nearly enough time to plow through it. (Stupid work!) I'll be returning shortly to more thoroughly blog stalk you. How could I not when you give good blog?? :)

Weronika: Thank you so very much! You're the best, and I always enjoy your comments.