Tuesday, July 7, 2009

10 things I hate about 10 Things I Hate About You

First off, let's be clear: I'm hating on the ABC family ripoff t.v. show, not the movie. I triple-heart the movie. It's one of my guilty pleasures. Now, on with the list of the 10 things I "hate" (hate's a strong word, but "dislike" didn't have the same ring to it) about the show:

1. Patrick Verona = nope. No way. Just not my thing. He's not a true bad boy; he's a bad boy wanna be. And he's just too ... blah. Not all that cute, not all that snarky, not all that likeable.

2. Cameron = too awkward to be likeable. No wait ... maybe he's not awkward enough. No wait ... maybe he's just a sucky actor. Whatever it is, he doesn't do it for me. Now, I never found that Joseph Gordon-Levitt (spelling?) guy attractive, but I still liked him enough to root for him. This guy? Ehh.

3. Joey Donner/Donnor = no longer an entertaining douche. Now, just a pathetic ball at the end of Chasity's chain.

4. Bianca = lost little goodie goodie too-nice new girl who wants to be popular but looks like she should just whip out her violin. (Nothing against the violin players out there. I'm sure you were all super popular in school. But the band geek metaphor was around long before I was, so I'm utilizing it, darn it.) That likeable bitch charm that Larissa had, this girl lacks tenfold. Who knows--maybe she'll come out of her bashful new girl shell and become the popular bitch I know she can be.

5. Kat/Cat = Too. Much. Makeup. If I can see the gloss and the blush and the mascara, it's a bit ridiculous. No self respecting feminist/popularity hater tries that hard. Just ask Julia Stiles. TV Kat/Cat has the spunk, so I'll give her that. And to be honest, she's probably one of the brighter stars out of the group as far as acting goes. But ... she's just trying too hard, which ends up making her look a little poser'ish.

6. Most of these kids walked out the door the morning of filming and left their acting chops at home. But it's like that with almost any show. Have you ever noticed how one of your friends comes over to your house, and she/he catches about 15 minutes of your FAVORITE television show EVER, and all she/he can say is, "Wow, that acting really sucks! How do you even watch that?" And you're thinking, "Oh NO she/he didn't! I think I might cry now." So maybe it's like that. Maybe they'll grow on me.

7. Yes, I said "grow on me," because no matter how much I think it sucks, it still has something that kept me from canceling the series' recording or turning the channel. Which means I'll be tuning in next week. And probably the next, and the next, and the next ...

8. No Heath Ledger. Sigh ...

9. They've kept the names for the main characters, but they've veered so far in the plotline from the movie that one has to wonder: why even bother with the movie's skeleton? Why not just come up with a new teen comedy and give the kids different names? The movie was out 10'ish years ago, so unless the show is aimed at the 20-somethings like me that loved the movie and miss it so terribly that they're willing to live vicariously through the t.v. show, I just don't get it.

10. Did I mention no Heath Ledger??

So that's my peace. Who knows ... maybe I'll do a 180 by next week. Stranger things have happened. Like squirrels that fly. That's pretty weirdo when you think about it.

**Warning: I posted this in a state of almost-asleep delirium. My apologies for things that don't make any sense. Like the flying squirrels bit. WTF?


Lisa and Laura said...

1. It makes me sad that the actor that played the dad in the movie was so desperate for work that he's playing the dad AGAIN in the series.

2. The guilt of watching a show that you know is causing poor Heath to roll in his grave.

3. That horrible cheerleader person and her terrible shoes. Um...eew.

4. They're using the same music as the movie and the artist who ripped off the song sort of sucks.

5. The fact that I'm 30 years old and still watching this crap.

6. Because watching the show makes me want to watch the movie over and over and over again, and I'm 30 and concerned I'll never stop acting like I'm 15.

7. The acting IS really horrible, and I think it's universally bad on ABC Family.

8. Patrick Verona looks like the 4th Jonas Brother and Jonas doesn't exactly make me think "bad boy." Sad.

9. This just makes me miss Julia Stiles and mostly Heath Ledger and then I start thinking about Matilda and pretty soon I've finished my bottle of wine and I'm alone and sobbing on my couch. Um...sorry, is that TMI?

10. That I didn't think of this EXACT SAME IDEA for our blog. Dammit!

Jamie D. said...

See, sometimes not having cable (and thus being completely unaware that this tragedy was occurring) is a good thing.

Now I want to watch the movie again...

jessjordan said...

1. It reminds me of the dad in Clueless. Same desperation.
5. I'm late 20s, so I'm with ya on that. It makes me wonder if I'm ever going to grow up and start doing big girl things. I hope not.
6. I reeeeeally want to put the movie on now. I'm having to convince myself that no, I don't really need to see it for the 115th time. (But I DO, darn it!)
8. I KNOW, right? Complete Jonas kid. Even Zac Effron has more bad boy in him than this guy.
9. LMAO. All I can say. Sorry--but I'm laughing WITH you.
10. Crap ... and you are oh so wittier than I. Perhaps I can delete mine, you can post yours, and we can pretend this convo never happened?


Jamie: Consider yourself blessed. It is a tragedy. But ... I knew it would be horrid and I watched it anyway, as did everyone else who turned it on. So we can't even claim to be victims.
The movie is in my tv stand, screaming my name. I'm trying to resist, but I just don't know ...

Icy Roses said...

There is absolutely no point without Heath Ledger. Also...I guess I cant judge because I haven't watched it...but it looked stupid anyway!

I'm GONNA judge that book by its cover. BAM. :-P

Kori said...

I'm torn on watching it. It didn't immediately repel me the first time I saw the commercial, but I'm notoriously BAD about watching sequential TV shows. I hate them. I never remember to turn the TV on at the right time or often even the right day, and end up falling so far behind that it's not worth it to watch anymore. The only reason I saw so much of House season 2 was because the entire family gathered in the living room to watch it.

Movies, on the other hand, are an entirely different thing. The movie was FANTASTIC. I want to watch it again now, but I'm watching The Lost Boys, and that pretty much trumps everything else that's on at the moment.

Kori said...

reply to your comment on Writing and whatnot:

thank you! That's not even the outline, that's just the backstory. XDD There's a TON more that actually goes on in the story itself. I'm glad it's interesting, even if it's outside your regular genre.

That's where you're wrong, though. I will write about all the ideas I come up with. Even if it's just a note in my blog about what the idea is and where I want to take it - even if it's never fleshed out into a full novel, that's still a wellspring for me to draw upon for shorts and collections.
But that's what makes it fun. The creation of ideas, the birth of multitudes of children who don't crap everywhere and wake you up at two in the morn... er... well, they don't crap everywhere, at least. XDDD